Thursday, 23 April 2009

Well June, I did it!

I will admit from the very start that I have not started this blog without a bit of encouragement. My neice is responsible for that, but I think it could be quite fun to let other people see some of my cross stitch and maybe meet some people with similar interests.


  1. I'm delighted!!!

    Go for it!! I can't wait to see all the pieces you have done!

    I love looking at the millions of craft blogs there are out there...really inspiring!!

    See you soon,

  2. ps if you want to customise your blog template with your own background, colours and picture at the top etc, let me know. I'll help with the html coding, I did it for mum and gil!

  3. Hey AuntyAnne - good for you!!! Get blogging, even wee mum has a blog - she's getting more and more computer-y (she even has an ipod!) must be all that time she spends with dad!! Anyway, can't wait to see your fabulous handiwork displayed in all its cross-stitch-y glory!! xo