Monday, 27 April 2009

This is a card which I have done a number of times.
It is a very simple but effective design of a rose and was very popular when I was making cards to order to raise money for charity.

Recently I was having a browse through my years of magazines and came across these New Home cards

These little hangers are 7cm x8cm, quick to stitch and very useful to just slip into birthday cards when you want to send a present but not a big one.

The little hangers are included in the kits.

These cards need to be used with care and definitely not sent to anyone who has aspirations to be a singer!

I do realise that these aren't cross stitch but one evening I was sitting, wanted to do some card making but didn't quite have the concentration to stitch so I made these.

The pots and little flowers I had bought a while ago and not done anything with.

The little ones are A6 size.

I liked the look of this clock and it fitted in well with the decor of the kitchen so went ahead with it. It was another challenge to place the picture correctly and it actually keeps very good time.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Meet Isaiah. He is a dream-catcher wolf. The reason for his name is that, as usual I made my own little 'personalisation' -otherwise known as a mistake. On closer inspection you would find that 'one eye is 'igher than the other'.

This is one of my larger project which was a bit of a challenge for the very fact that there is not a lot of actual stitching in it making it hard to place the rings and the wording.